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Cast Announced!

We are delighted to be able to announce the cast for our April 2023 musical Sunshine of Leith! 

Davy - Rick Whyte

Ally - Joe Marsden

Liz - Lou Whyte

Yvonne - Alexandra Townend

Rab - John Spooner

Jean - Rachel Rogers


Abi, Lally, Amelia Gregory, Corey Whitehead, Dawn Rowe, Emma Cook, Hannah Butler, Hannah, Sutcliffe, Helena Micklethwaite, Jim Rowe, Joel Brown, Karen Shepherd, Kate Foster, Lewis Edwards, Lisa Clayton, Lucy Marshall, Melissa Barker, Rhys Roberts, Rosie Crowther, Rosie Hodson, Rowena Green, Rowena Starr, Sam Garforth, Sharon Brown, Starr Eames, Steven Hooper.

Congratulations to all!