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Todmorden Hippodrome Theatre are excited to welcome:

Gala Evening

Hebden Bridge Steampunk 


Saturday 14th July 2018

Hebden Bridge Steampunk Weekend, a celebration of everything anachronistically Victoriana-based science-fiction with a healthy mix of the burlesque mixed in. So, if you like your advanced technology powered by clockwork, if you charge your mobile phone from your kettle, and if prefer Barbarella and basques to avatars and aliens, then this is the sci-fi event for you. 

White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks have lined up a wonderful show featuring some of the great names in theatrical steampunk artists to celebrate their weekend of steampunk related cogfrockery, so don your top hat, leathers and welding goggles and get yourself along to the show. 


Bringing a different vibe to the local scene with just 2 artists but the sounds of a big band, Victor and the Bully try a different type of sounds with only a Ukulele and Guitar with a whole lot of thunder behind them. Using violins, trumpets, pianos, accordions and anything we can get our greasy hands on to create a big and theatrical show.


Voted in the top 50 burlesque performers in the world 2015 and 2016 and top 10 UK Burlesque Performers for the past three years, Velma's unique take on burlesque fuses comedy and glamour in what she likes to call "Glomedy".

Velma has been setting stages alight (not literally) since 2009, riding her oversized flamingo all over the UK and more recently, Europe, performing in Switzerland and at the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival.

Velma's acts are as unique as her sweet self and guarantee to raise a smile, several in fact, perhaps even the odd belly laugh. Who said sexy can't be funny at the same time? (seriously, who said that, we'll rough 'em up burly style) Sexy. Funny. All That


Armitage Spode describes himself as “part-time poet, half-time hedonist and full-time philanderer”. Mrs Spode describes him as “a very silly man who ought to get a proper job if he knows what’s good for him…”.

With his ribald rhymes and saucy odes Armitage brings his old-fashioned Music Hall-style act to Yorkshire for one night only. Armitage has a 

reputation for being utterly filthy, yet you will find no swearing or vulgar language in his rhymes and songs: in the best Music Hall traditions it’s all in your minds!

Armitage Spode: utter filth, served with finesse . . . Huzzah!!


Are a trio of musical performers who's live shows and albums recieved critical and audience acclaim from fans,journalists and fellow musicians in their field .They started searching the Secret Pages but soon they extended their endeavor on a road not taken full of electricity and rain where bridges to nowhere are easily crossed... Storm after storm ,hurricane after hurricane,Panic rose in the Hydrogen Queen Gondola but they stayed on course and made it to unknown territories.

Hunted down by armies of villans and hordes of pirates they crossed an anomaly to a parallel world and found shelter in De Stern where they met other themselves and drank to Yesterday's Tommorrows... Codes 501 fill the trash-can... last news they sent has been "X" classified...They are... VICTOR SIERRA! They travel your world ... They travel your space ...They travel your time... and maybe did you attend one of their gigs:in North America.. in Deadlands... in New YiddishLand,or even in the Austrasian Empire...