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The auditions for The Memory of Water were a huge success with a very strong turn out, especially for the crucial sister roles. Casting has now been completed and rehearsals are already underway. The finalised cast can be revealed as: 

Vi - Janet Spooner

Teresa - Liz Holland

Mary - Katrina Heath

Catherine - Rachel Doyle Richards

Mike - Richard Holley

Frank - Michael Gill 

This Week T.A.O.D.S. Presents

14th - 17th February 2018

Three estranged sisters meet on organise their mother's funeral and remember her through their own very different memories and relationships. Theresa, owner of an alternative therapy business, is angry that she was left to care for their dying mother. Mary, a doctor, is still struggling with a deep loss from her past. Catherine seeks attention through a succession of short-term partners. As their memories blur and the sisters bicker, will the combination of weed and whisky allow them to repair their lives and relationships?  

Awarded the Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 1996, this is a wise and inciteful play written by the excellent Shelagh Stephenson mixes melancholy and mirth in a story about the healing memory of water.  

Directed by Matt Parker