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In Rehearsals:

T.A.O.D.S. Summer Play this year will have you 

howling with laughter as we proudly present ...

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Wednesday 19th - Saturday 22nd June 2019

For those who don’t know the classic story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes, (where have you been, the moon?), The Hound of the Baskervilles is set around the chilling murder of Sir Charles Baskerville on Dartmoor (or rather Dartmoo, as the ‘r’ has fallen off the sign) - apparently by the spectral hound that has haunted his family for generations. The third most famous detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes, is called upon to investigate…however, the great detective has so many wigs, beards and waistcoats to wear, he sends his faithful sidekick, the illuminating Dr Watson, in his place.

Sir Henry, the last remaining heir travels from Canada (without a Canadian accent, as the actor can’t do one), and joins Dr Watson as the pair are plunged into a nightmare world of weird servants, transvestism and nocturnal howling. Lots of howling. Lots.

Why do Sir Henry's trousers mysteriously disappear?

Will Dr Watson and Sir Henry succeed in crossing Grimpen Mire without being sucked into treacherous bogs or choked by dry ice mysterious fog?

Why do Mr & Mrs Barrymore and Housekeeper never appear on stage in public together?

“A Masterclass in madcap energy…a fun and fresh Sherlock Holmes romp.” (The Stage)

“As straight-laced as linguine.” (Theatre Review)

“Wonderfully barking mad.” (Telegraph)

Directed by Andrew Rawlinson who brought us the hilarious award-winning Hitchcock Spoof The 39 Steps will be presenting this epic horror using only three actors: 

Janet Spooner (Memory of Water, Merchant of Venice) will be taking on the role of Actor 1 - ( Sherlock Holmes, Stapleton & Cecile, Mr & Mrs Barrymore, and assorted Yokels and Hermits)

Emily Rawlinson (Vicar of Dibley 1 & 2) will be taking on the role of Actor 2 - ( Dr John Watson and a yokel. Just the two characters? What is she to do during the rest of the play one may ask?)

Phoebe Farrington (Ladies' Day, Merchant of Venice) will take on the role of Actor 3 - (Sir Charles Baskerville *briefly*, Sir Henry Baskerville, Dr Mortimer and pretty much every other character that Actor 1 isn't playing and Actor 2 can't quite be bothered with, apparently).

And so, with the comedy pedigree of these three fine performers (Janet and Emily have a long history of stage comedy at the Hippodrome and Phoebe has a masters degree from the TIG of improvisational standup) we can less in the way of chilling horror and more in the line up of top quality gagging and japery in this show. Hope to get hold of some very interesting photographs to post here as we strap ourselves in for this rollercoaster ride of a farce.