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Meet the Cast

The ensemble have been named as follows:

Andy Fraser, Ant Peter, Elizabeth Holland, Ellie Spooner, Gilly Walker, Hamish Heald, Janet Spooner, Liv Bellamy-Brown, Lucy Anderson, Maddie Cullinane, Matt Parker, Richard Holley, Sam Bell, Steve MacKay.

In addition, we welcome Jo Morris and Karen Shepherd who join us for puppetry and props.

They will be taking different roles to bring to life the six different tales. We'll try to bring some photographs as soon as we have them

T.A.O.D.S. welcomes you to share a fairy story with us this Christmas in:

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales

4th to 7th December 2019

What is that,

trailing your footsteps,

breathing softly down your neck?

Rediscover the magic and wonder of the original Grimm Tales, retold by master-storyteller Philip Pullman. In Philip Wilson's stage version, you’ll meet the familiar characters – Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel – and some unexpected ones too, such as Hans-My-Hedgehog and the Frog King. Full of deliciously dark twists and turns, these tales come to life in all their glittering, macabre brilliance – a delight for children and adults alike.

Philip Pullman and Philip Wilson have said that the Grimm Tales work so well on stage because: 'The most marvellous or preposterous or hilarious or terrifying events happen with all the swiftness of dreams.’

Grimm Tales will be performed as immersive storytelling, "in the round" in the Hippodrome stalls… For the first time ever, our actors are stepping off the stage and into the middle of the audience for a vivid new version of the classic fairytales familiar and strange.

All we need is the word “Once…” and we’re off!

Photography by Chris Stott

Hans My Hedgehog

Little Red Riding Hood

Faithful Johannes

The Three Snake Leaves

The Frog King

Hansel and Gretel